Custom made financial and banking advice for SMEs

Since October 1999, Van Hollebeke & C° is an established name for managers and companies who want custom made support in financial and banking business. Financial optimisation consists of the core services offered by Van Hollebeke & C°.

Van Hollebeke & C° focusses on two target groups:

1. Companies with a great potential for growth, but experiencing growing pains

  • Companies that want to grow by taking over competitor companies.
  • Companies that want to develop non-core business activities through a spin-out.
  • Companies that experience an increasing demand for their services/products and want support in order to meet the demand successfully.
  • Companies that are asked to offer their products on the international market and don’t know how to get started.

2. Companies experiencing discontinuity and aren’t able to function the way they want

  • The lack of liquidity. Paying suppliers is/will become difficult.
  • The lack of solvency. Equity capital is affected.
  • The lack of return. Return is no longer produced.
  • The lack of reimbursement capacity towards banks. Reimbursement of current credits becomes more and more difficult.
  • The lack of growth capacity. The competition decreases at high-speed pace.
  • Too many dealers in one network. The online sale consists of a problem for the fixed costs.

The team of Van Hollebeke & C° supports company leaders actively in crisis management, risk management, preventative company policy, proactive settlement, ACE-support and gives support to the Board of Directors as well.

Services to companies with a great potential for growth, but experiencing growing pains

1. Financial optimisation

  • Gaining insight in how your SME is evaluated by your bank, your suppliers, your clients and the authorities.
  • Evaluating if your SME is qualified for buying a Flemish guarantee for your bank.
  • Financial risk analysis and SWOT-summary (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats).
  • Verification of credit lines with short and long term credit needs.

2. Risk management

Risk management aims at evaluating, controlling and avoiding risks in order to realize opportunities with an increased impact on the added value of your company.

3. Support to the Board of Directors

  • Optimisation of the decision process.
  • Provide and explain dashboards.
  • Help formulating assignments to the operational management.
  • Permanent follow-up and adjustment of the taken decisions and their execution.
  • Focus particular attention on external environmental circumstances that have a direct impact on the company.

Services to companies experiencing discontinuity and aren’t able to function the way they want

1. Mediation with banks, suppliers & clients

Mediation with banks, suppliers and clients in order to offer temporary support and to create breathing space.

2. Crisis management

  • Temporarily observing the operational responsibilities in companies experiencing a crisis situation;
  • with a direct communication to the Board of Directors;
  • if necessary on demand of banks and courts.

3. Preventative liquidation process

Go thoroughly and in time through the liquidation process in order to make use optimally of the value of your assets, so personal liabilities don’t need to be used.

4. Proactive company policy

Implement and execute a change of course in a business activity on the right moment in order to decrease considerably the risk of bankruptcy which diminishes damage to suppliers and authorities, as well as taking care to a maximum of the going-concern and protecting the personnel.

5. ACE-support (Act on the Continuity of Enterprises)

  • Demarcate by mutual agreement the tasks for the lawyer, accountant and the office Van Hollebeke & C°.
  • Go through possible obstacles that arise unexpectedly concerning the ACE-applications permanently.
  • Draw up the reorganisation plan, defend it to court and execute it.