About Van Hollebeke & C°

Van Hollebeke & C° was founded in 1999 by former banker Roel Van Hollebeke to offer efficient and effective support to companies.

Its specialisation focusses on companies that experience growing pains and show signs of discontinuity. For these companies, Van Hollebeke & C° acts as their partner in consultancy, interim management and optimisation concerning financial, administrative and organisational support.

The team of Van Hollebeke & C˚ consists of experts in different areas of expertise. This allows us to establish concrete and custom made action plans. Our clients are based in Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, France and Luxembourg.

Van Hollebeke & C° is also an approved service provider of the kmo-portefeuille, also referred to as the electronic entrepreneurship portfolio of the Flemish Government, and achieves every year the quality standard NBN-EN-ISO-9001/2015.


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About Van Hollebeke & C°

The team of Van Hollebeke & C° supports managers actively in terms of crisis management, risk management, preventative company policy, WCO-support and gives support to the Board of Directors as well. Contact us for more information